Comfort Falls

by Nicholas Nicholas

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recorded in the kitchen by Chris Masullo in 2012

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album art: Joe Hewes Clark


released February 27, 2013



all rights reserved


Nicholas Nicholas Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Clinique
A clinic
for all you've done wrong
the clearance
to get where you came from
I'm in a coma
getting air

Fortune favored my whole
assumption that she was alone
forgetting to try to new codes for reentry

16: get in a car
17: know where you are
18: I'm goin far
19: shot in the heart
20: something inside
21: harlequin
22: thinking of you
23: thinking of you
24: critical cry
25: friends with a cop
Track Name: Names
Hey, how do you know my name?
I dont give that shit to anyone
unless they ask names

I'm "Robert". But I look more like a "Justin"
Guess it's just my long hair. My ankles.

You were nine years old, I was your best friend
Now I'm just your dead friend, haunting you in evening
answering your questions, staring at your collar bone
pretending I'm on the phone
until I am on the phone

I'm picking up on the joke
two weekends ago i was criminal
funny how
you straightened me out

How do you know my name?
Track Name: Pink Contacts
Nothings gonna change that
things are just equal parts
fun and sad
I aint gonna change that
walking around in pink contacts
I am on the waitlist
that's ok
I'm not ambitious
I'm just a male waitress
I can give you what you are needing

It's a beginner's world
not what you're supposed to know
I feel crushed by the air
When I weigh the feather
It's truly great (relative)
Drain the lake, change the weather
I'm a young girl
in a beginner's world
Track Name: Sugarteeth
Whatcha use your mind for?
do you got a lot of good puzzles?
I forget what I came here for
You're so sweet, sugar in your teeth, I'm so mean

What do you use your mind for?
did it just cause you trouble?
your keys are in the kitchen drawer
that way we don't lose em'

I don't like my mind no more
it just caused me trouble
I'm a kid gone cold
you're a flame gone candle

I like your mind some more
you're so sweet, sugar in your teeth, I'm so mean

I don't want my mind no more
Track Name: You're Too Pretty (To Be Sad)
"I dont remember learning no english"
If the story made you sad, I'm sorry
It was designed to be a real sad story that's why
in the morning i'm evil sometimes
I'm hearing sad stories in the night
It's boring, sometimes I like walking down every garden path
for the story, you never mind
you're too pretty to be sad

where'd i put my hat?
how's your lava?
where's the lemon tree?
where'd I put the big brick house?
who's for dinner?
I wanna look outside, but which way is outside?
Why did the cleaners bring me back one black glove when I never gave them that?
Hey whats the matter?
Now Don't be down, you're too pretty to be sad.

You say: "God" Why?
Track Name: Window
Goodnight. Go sleep by your window
I hope that it is possible
to slip out ,on the street
in our sheets

At this particular time, I get it
I'm upside down
so is everything else

you're sleeping by the window

You're suspiciously quiet, I get it
No, I change my mind. You're true
Am I you forgetting I'm you?

You're old.
At this particular time.
Track Name: I Don't Want To Say Why
Threw away all my markers
there was nothing with which I could write
In the dark age, the sky is still very bright

I'm just beginning to answer
a question that was asked in former time
I just couldn't answer
and now the question has slipped my mind

I don't want to say why
Track Name: Video Store
I got no piece of advice
Not that you needed it anyhow
Become ecclesiastical on the floor

Come to my pot luck party
we'll find diamonds and diamonds and diamonds
in the cracks of the car seat

Take a left turn (only so I know where to find you when I get lonely) take right turn

I picked up work in a video store
to watch it all fall and I wanted more.

At the pinnacle of tiny talk
we discuss the virtues of less desire
but I've got swords and boats
and jewelry waitin for a home on your arm
I'm standing
I've been walking around town with dirt on my hands

And I picked up work in a video store
to watch it all fall and I wanted more
I traced my steps from the house to car
I traced my steps from the car to the door
I picked up work in a video store
to see what will become of my heart